Thursday, 7 June 2012

Is The Sun re-writing Health & Safety history?

Ah yes, The Sun. Today the paper backed Employment Minister Chris Grayling in his new drive to help bust Health and Safety myths. Couldn't agree more, etc.

But isn't this  the same publication which reported the story of 25 Firemen who apparently refused to save a seagull from a pond on account of "barmy health and safety rules" when the very myth buster they plug today said H&S was not a factor?

Why yes, yes it could.

I know the point they are trying to get across today is that Health and Safety nonsense does happen, it's just not the fault of regulations, but some anonymous and unquoted getalifes that use health safety as a justification for pretty much anything.

But to take such a position after publishing stories like the one above, when they specifically blamed the rules seems a bit of a retreat on the paper's part. (There could well be plenty more. Send me them and I'll add them in).

There is a subtle shift from 'It's the regulations fault' to 'It's the interpreters of the regulations fault', in the way all of the examples in the piece are cited.

Of course it's never good simply to be a whiner. The fact that The Sun not only ran a news piece and its main leader on this must count for something. 

After all, the Daily Mail which originally splashed on the seagull/fire brigade story, didn't find room for any 'mythbusting' at all.

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