Saturday, 9 June 2012

Comedy: The collective noun of error

It may seem churlish to hone in on the Guardian's corrections column once again, particularly as I have previously said the paper is one of the best at making amends for mistakes.

However, this one I could not resist for pure amusement value coming as it did from a review of a performance of Shakespeare's 'Comedy of Errors'.
"The Comedy of Errors – review was corrected because, owing to an error in the Globe programme, the original wrongly named the actor playing Arsalan of Kabul. The programme incorrectly named Ghulamnabi Tanha, when it should have said Shakoor Shamshad."

It is not the only Bard-related balls-up this week. In fact this was the third day in a row Shakespeare has popped up in the column, featuring as he did on Wednesday and Thursday

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